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Facial Fat Injection

You can’t control that the effects of aging, genetics, or sun exposure leaves your skin looking aged and worn. But with a facial fat injection, you can control the revitalization of your facial features. Facial fat injections can restore lost volume in your face while softening your wrinkles and laugh lines. This procedure is the most reliable among injectable methods and provides you with the refreshed reflection you have always wanted to see.  

How it works

A facial fat injection benefits the lip, cheek, and eye regions as this is where the most volume loss occurs. As opposed to dermal fillers, facial fat injections involve taking fat from other parts of your body, usually the abdomen or thigh, and repurposing it in your face. This method reduces the chance of allergic reaction to foreign materials.

This procedure takes one to two hours and uses localized sedation. It is not considered a surgical procedure; however, fat grafting is considered permanent while all other dermal fillers are not. Fat grafting can be seen as more cost effective because the effects are long lasting.

What to expect

Facial fat injections can cause bruising and swelling. Swelling should subside within a few days, and bruising could last about one to two weeks. Most people feel comfortable returning to work immediately following the injections.

Can I turn the clock back on aging?

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